Gold Note S-1 Signature Mk-II integrált erősítő

Gold Note S-1 Signature Mk-II integrált erősítő
550 000 Ft
395 000 Ft
Kezdete: 2019.10.28   A készlet erejéig!
The S-1 Signature II is a true Dual-Mono High-End audio integrated amplifier using the well known Gold Note proprietary Mirror-Amp™ design technology that virtually eliminates the worst audio distortion even at high volume level.

The amplifier features a power supply enhanced by two E-core massive transformers exclusively dedicated to the audio signal path, while an internal galvanically insulated third transformers drives all the functions that could adversary affect the sound of the amplifier, such as all the accessories functions including the volume control motor, the LED lights, etc…

The S-1 Signature II does not come with active or passive filters on the audio signal path.

The amplifier features thermal switches to turn off the unit if it reaches an internal high temperature. This feature, while preventing dangerous operating conditions also enables the amplifier to achieve the very best sonic performance eliminating completely any audio signal path interference.

The amplifier chassis is made of steel to minimize RFI and EMI interference.

The remote volume control is powered by a motorized inductive plastic film Alps 50Kohm potentiometer setup to let the amplifier work very smoothly raising up the volume gently and working perfectly even with high sensitivity speakers as well as the mid efficiency ones.

The S-1 Signature features a Virtual Vinyl line RCA stereo input. The exclusive Gold Note Virtual Vinyl input allows the unit to perform a warmer audio signal and higher gain for all line source enhance such nice charmy audio benefit.

The S-1 Signature features a high quality built in headphone amplifier having a 6,3 mm jack output, a remote volume control, four RCA line inputs, one XLR line input – RCA optional – and one Virtual Vinyl line input.