Audiovector S Speaker stand

Audiovector S Speaker stand
169 000 Ft

The Audiovector S-stand is one of the only curved speaker stands on the market today. Originally designed specifically with the Audiovector S1 series in mind, it has proven to be universally useful with most curved stand-mount speakers – not only because of its shape and neutral grey color...

Sound Quality
As always, there is no need to design any product unless it makes a positive difference to a system. The S•Stand is rigid, stiff and very good at transmitting distortion and vibration away from the speakers and down into the floor, via the adjustable 8mm chrome-plated spikes.

This means that the sound quality with these stands is open and dynamic, the bass is fast and deep, and the soundstage is both big and precise.


Material: High-Strength Steel
Lacquer: Heavy-Duty Grey Powder Lacquering
Spikes: Yes (4 Pieces, 8mm Top-Adjustable)
Dimensions: Top Plate (W x D) - 180 x 230mm
Bottom Plate (W x D) - 205 x 300mm
Height: 595mm (Without Spikes)

17,6 kg/pár