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Audiovector Si 3
Audiovector Si 3
767 000 Ft 
450 000 Ft

Audiovector Si 3

The Si3 models contain everything you would expect from a high-end speaker system.

With excellent design, appearance and sound quality for all types of music and home cinema applications, the most basic model in the floor-stand range surpasses the top models of most other speaker manufacturers.

While the distinctive curved shape of the Si3 range is derived from the highly praised SR6, new innovations have allowed Audiovector to make the cabinets smaller while sounding bigger.
By avoiding parallel panels inside, internal resonance - which impairs sound quality in most other speakers - is totally eliminated.

Parallel panels are a prime cause of undesirable sound coloration which can be partially reduced by excessive damping within the box. Audiovector Si 3’s non-parallel design allows for an absolute minimum of damping, which results in a cleaner, clearer and more powerful sound. This, combined with their downfiring bass port means the cabinet size could be reduced by 40%, with a sound that surpasses all previous models.

Just listen.
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Megtakarítás 317 000 Ft
450 000 Ft
767 000 Ft 
T2008 silk tweeter in SEC system
SD 2008 bass/mid drivers
IUC future proof model
DFF crossover technology
Non-Parallel Surfaces
ARA Filter optional

Nomex Fine Fibre Driver Membrane: Y
Silk Tweeter: Y
SEC Treble System: Y
Dynamic Feed-Forward X-Over: Y
Front Baffle Reinforcements: N
Non-Parallel Surfacesí: Y
Frequency Range -6dB: 30 - 23kHz
Sensitivity (8Ω): 91dB
Nominal Impedance: 8Ω
Crossover Frequencies: 200 / 3200Hz
Power Handling: 200W
Dimensions (H x W x D): 103 x 19 x 30cm
18 kg/pár