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Gold Note Valore 425 Lite analóg lemezjátszó

Gold Note Valore 425 Lite analóg lemezjátszó
  • Gold Note Valore 425 Lite analóg lemezjátszó
290 900 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 8 727 Ft

szett Kosárba Kosárba
The new Valore 425 Lite is the easiest way to enjoy vinyls, a real performer to be used in a large variety of High-End systems.

It features a 30mm plinth, wisely shaped around the motor and the platter's bearing to drastically reduce unwanted vibrations.
The platter is 20mm thick and it's made using a special sandwich of MDF and POM.

Designed with a gap of just 3mm, such short platter/plinth distance helps in reducing noise and allows great rotational stability.

Valore 425 Lite is compatible with a large number of 9" tonearms and comes with a preinstalled dedicated 9” arm and a molded, hinged Dust Cover: a smart solution to avoid resonance feedbacks and keep the turntable always in mint condition.
  • Motor: 12 Volt High Torque
    Platter: black solid MDF and double layer of POM
    Platter spindle: special Split-Spindle™ clamping the platter
    Platter bearing: Chromed Steel 5mm ball bearing with adjustable brass seat, in aluminium case with two Graphite & Teflon elastic inner guide
    Cartridge: refer to the specific model in the correct market area

    Wow & Flutter: 0,3%
    Rumble: -72dB
    Speed: 33-1/3 and 45 rpm +/-0,1%
    Speed changing: electronic
    Transmission: 70 shores elasticity rectified black NBR
    Arm: Gold Note 9” Ball Bearing B-5.1 derivation tonearm

    Mains supply: 100/115/230V, 50/60Hz, depending on market destination and not convertible
    Power consumption: 20W max

    External AC filter: Arno Power Distributor