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Isol-8 Twin Chanel PowerStation

Isol-8 Twin Chanel PowerStation
  • Isol-8 Twin Chanel PowerStation
  • Isol-8 Twin Chanel PowerStation
1 680 000 Ft

The purpose of the PowerStation is simple: to get as close to the perfect low power supply as is practically possible. Two independent channels of clean, pure regenerated power will transform even the highest quality source components.

At the heart of the PowerStation are three microcontrollers, which oversee operation and generate two ultra stable waveforms of purity (0.05%THD) that are simply unobtainainable from your domestic supply.

Each channel's frequency is individually adjustable in five steps from 50 to 100Hz, allowing your component's power supplies to take advantage of a higher "refresh" rate. At 100Hz a connected linear power supply will have effectively double its normal capacity, for further gains in sound quality.

Twin power amplifiers provide output up to 100W per channel. They are specially designed for this role and are coupled to their load via bespoke output transformers. The whole path is optimised to deliver high peak currents with total reliability. Complete isolation of the two supply paths is assured, no noise cross-contamination can occur.

The substantial chassis is finished to the highest standards and provides an extremely conservative heatsinking solution. Full monitoring of input voltage and frequency, amplifier temperature and output frequency are available on the front panel. Engaging "Night Mode" reduces visual information to a minimum if desired.

Power supply quality is a key influence in any system's performance. Passive filtering can achieve only so much by working with what is already there. By locally generating a perfect mains waveform, consistently free from distortion and noise, a system can have total freedom from the many compromises our common power grid imposes. The PowerStation provides a perfect electrical foundation for your source components, which in turn, will deliver you a whole new level of performance.
  • Number of available outlets: 2 (1 per channel)
    Type of outlets available: 13A UK, Schuko, 15A US
    Power Input: IEC Inlet (cable not supplied)
    Dimensions: W: 445mm H: 145mm D: 420mm (excluding connectors)
    Construction: All aluminium chassis with Titanium finish
    Mains Voltage: 230VAC version for 220-240VAC
    117VAC version for 100-127VAC
    Maximum output: 100 Watts per channel
    Output frequency User selectable 50, 60, 67.5, 81 & 100Hz
    Output frequency accuracy +/-0.05%
    Standby power consumption 6 Watts
    Maximum power consumption 350 Watts
    Protection: Mains input and individual output fuses microcontroller monitoring for safe area operation