Supra Sword 2x2m Combicon hangszóró kábel

Supra Sword 2x2m Combicon hangszóró kábel
Supra Sword 2x2m Combicon hangszóró kábel
Supra Sword 2x2m Combicon hangszóró kábel
Supra Sword 2x2m Combicon hangszóró kábel
219 000 Ft

SUPRA Sword - The High End
Regardless of the price we are proud to say, humbly, this is one of the best speaker cables there is. Completely transparent, perhaps a worn-out cliché, is still what most users and tests agree on. The secret? The bifilar-wound litz conductors comprising 24 individually insulated strands per pole, 12 wound in one direction, the remaining 12 in the opposite, resulting in magnetic field cancellation and very low inductance. Further to the litz wound and individual insulated strands, dynamic skin-effect is cancelled. The Sword behaves as a non-inductive and in-phase cable. The only thing not cancelled is the sound, allowing you to hear every little note of the music.
What does it sound like?
The best way to describe is nothing, but that is hard to imagine, so we will try to explain. SUPRA will maintain the true signal put out from your Hi-Fi system giving a completely transparent transition from amplifier to speaker. You will hear the music, nothing more, nothing less.

We only sell Sword pre-terminated!
The reason is that the transition between the cable and connectors is very critical. In order to maintain the superior cable and contact properties, we reached the conclusion to keep this in-house. We crimp the unit together at high pressure, making a perfect, air tight, joint.

It is supplied in an exclusive Mahogany Box comprising both banana and spade connectors. We simply could not resist an extra treat for this remarkable cable.
CombiCon Crimp

The Sword CombiCon Connector
(Used for the Sword Combicon Cables)
Sword comes with crimp-fastened screw-adaptors, and a set of connectors that can be screwed onto these. The pictures show Spades and banana/BFA connectors, as well as the Spade replaced with Banana/BFA directly screwed onto the adaptor. All connectors are included in a Sword kit.

Fixed Spade Connector
(Used for the Sword Fixed Spade Cables)
The Sword Jumper and the Sword Fixed Spades cables are supplied with crimp style solid Copper permanent fork terminals, i.e. not replaceable CombiCons.


Mechanical Specifications
Cross. Area: 3 / 12 (mm2/AWG)
No. Conductors: 2
No. Wires/Conductor: 12 + 12
Wire Diameter: 0.4 (mm)
Wire Material: Enameled OFC
Insulation PE
Jacket: PVC
Ext. Size: 9.3x18.4 (mm)
Halogen Free & Flame Retardant: No

Banana: Included
Spade: Included
BFA: Included
Cable Connection: Crimp

Electrical performance
Resistance: 5.2 (Ohm/km)
Inductance: 0.25 (uH/m)
Phase Dislocation: 0.96 0.5-100kHz
Phase Error: 0