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Gonld Note PH-1000 MM/MC Phono előerősítő
Gonld Note PH-1000 MM/MC Phono előerősítő
4 523 000 Ft

Gonld Note PH-1000 MM/MC Phono előerősítő

“PH-10 is not only packed with features, expandable and future upgradable. It sounds great, involving, with potent dynamics, a sense of three dimensionality and of so called balanced transparency, that is not even scenting towards the brittle realms. This is a mighty, emotionally engaging musical box, that even without all the expandable accessories brings more then expected. A thrill and a fill!”
— Matej Isak

4 523 000 Ft

Main Details

Phono Pre-amplifier with SKC and TFT colour display
Equalization Curve control: 3 selectable curves [RIAA - Decca-London - American-Columbia] with enhanced option for each

Subsonic filter: 10Hz/36dB octave
Frequency response: 15Hz – 100KHz @ +/- 0.3dB
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion): <0.002% MAX
Signal to noise ratio: -102dB
Dynamic response: 122dB
Output impedance: 50Ω
Phase response: linear phase
Weight: 4Kg
Dimensions: 220mm W | 80mm H | 260mm D

Main supply: 100V to 245V ▪ 50/60Hz (depending on market destination, not convertible)
Power consumption: 30W super linear power supply
Audio Outputs

Line output level (fixed): stereo RCA @ 2Volt and balanced XLR @ 4Volt
Audio Inputs

Analogue inputs: 2 separate independent stereo RCA
Input sensitivity: 0.1mV MC up to 7.0mV MM
Input impedance: 9 selectable options [10Ω 22Ω 47Ω 100Ω 220Ω 470Ω 1000Ω 22KΩ 47KΩ ]
Gain: 65dB MC - 45dB MM with 4 options [-3dB 0dB +3dB +6dB]

External Class-A tube output stage
Dual-Mono External Inductive Power
Curve Equalizer Extender unit
Class-A Tube Output Stage
Gain Stage Enhancer
External AC filter: Gold Note Lucca AC distributor
Gold Note Lucca Power Cable