Organic Audio Reference hálózati tápkábel

Organic Audio Reference hálózati tápkábel
380 000 Ft

Organic Reference:

​The Organic Reference is the ultimate expression of the Organic audio approach.

​For this cable we have incorporated some of the solutions used in the Argento Audio Flow cables and combined it with an increased number of the conductors used in the Organic MK. II cables.

​With regards to the RCA and XLR interconnectors the result is a cable with 100% increase in cross-section and the dielectric components of the connectors have been replaced by the Fiber/resin parts used in the Argento Audio Flow cables.

​​In the speaker cable we have also doubled the cross-section but here the change is even more fundamental because we have incorporated the entire connector used on the Flow speaker cable with a contact made of pure copper instead of pure silver. 

The spade connectors are connector to the conductor by pressure instead solder to provide a copper to copper interface. Further the Organic Reference speaker cable has been separated into two separate cables for each speaker to minimize the interaction between the plus and the minus conductors.

​Finally, the power cord has been upgraded with a 66% increase in cross-section for the live and the neutral and a 300% increase for the ground conductor.​

​The upgrades provide an overall increase in the sound quality without compromising one area of reproduction to increase performance in another as it is so often the case when you “upgrade” and audio component.

​The result is a line of cables that comes closer to the best available cables regardless of price, Organic cables are the Best Value in hi-end audio cables bar none. – providing a sound quality that really lives up to the company name – Organic, transparent and free flowing.

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