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Essence HDACC
Essence HDACC
196 000 Ft

Essence HDACC

Are you living in Hi Res yet? The HDACC by Essence™ is the digital nerve center for modern audio systems, actually three products in one; a Digital Pre-amp with its own volume control, a 24/192K DAC for use with your legacy analog preamp or receiver, & the best Headphone Amp available today. It supports HDMI, USB 2, Optical, & Coaxial inputs + 2 Analog inputs with A To D Conversion for upsampling to 24/192K Hi Res, including Remote Control, and a crisp OLED Display that shows you the native data rate of the input source and the selectable upsample rates from 44.1K to 192K to choose from for the output. The HDACC Upscales All Low Res MP3 Music Files to High Res 24/192K FLAC lossless quality

The HDACC Upscales CDs, Albums, Tape, Internet Radio, Sat Radio and Media Servers To Hi Res 24/192K FLAC lossless quality

Headphone Impedance Matching is user selectable between 16 and 600 Ohms For Optimal Performance

FeaturingHDMI v1.3 Input that enables you to hear the original unprocessed and uncompressed LPCM 24 bit/192K 2 Channel soundtracks on Blu-ray-Listen to over 1000 concerts by the world’s greatest artists, new classics from audiophile labels, and catalog classics of the most famous albums in history, all bit-for-bit identical to the original master recordings.

USB 2 input for your low res MP3 music files stored on a Smartphone, Tablet, or PC, bypassing your computer’s sound card for higher resolution sound with stored or streamed music files, DVDs, and all your favorite TV shows.
Coaxial & Optical inputs for CD, DVD, or a Sonos® Connect player PLUS 2 Line-Level Analog Inputs with A To D conversion for up-scaling
If you’re a music lover with an older stereo preamp or a PrePro / AVR built before 2008, you’ve got a problem. Your music collection is spread out among your digital devices and you need a controller/DAC to plug them all into and make them sound their best on your analog system.
HDMI Input mode: In this mode, whichever audio input is sel will be routed to the HDMI output as well as all other outputs.
HDMI Bypass mode: In this mode HDMI video and audio will always be routed to the HDMI output no matter what input is selected, while all other outputs will output the audio from the selected input. This function allows the user to have two di

HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States & other Countries

The HDACC by Essence™ is a versatile digital preamp with HDMI, USB, Optical, Coaxial, & Analog Line Inputs coupled to a 24/192K DAC with balanced XLRs and RCAs plus Headphone Amplifier with impedance matching to optimize the performance of any headphone.

The HDACC by Essence is one of the most versatile, fully featured DACs I’ve seen” Brent Butterworth, Nov ’13

In the context of its US $699 sticker price, the Essence HDACC impresses from the outset” John Darko, DAR Feb ’14
A Boxful of Digital Audio Ingenuity

The High Def Audio Control Center is an amazing digital-to-analog converter, but it’s much more than that. It’s also a versatile digital preamp with remote control and enough inputs to handle your analog and digital music sources: LP’s, tapes, disc players, network music players, and even your computer. What puts this DAC in a class by itself is it’s HDMI input, with analog output, so legacy high end audio systems can now play uncompressed Blu-ray soundtracks with all the dynamic range of the live performance, bit-for-bit identical to the original master recording.

196 000 Ft
Digital Audio format conversion
Upscale low res input signals for an enhanced listening experience (44.1kHz to 192kHz – 24bit depth)
Professional analog signal handling and conversion between balanced and unbalanced output signals
Easy integration of USB, HDMI, L/R Stereo, Digital Optical and Coaxial sources onto speakers or headphones (6.35mm Jack)
HDMI bypass function including the ability to embed and de-embed audio
Analog to Digital conversion (ADC)
Digital to Analog conversion (DAC)
Supplied with IR Remote Control