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Gold Note Lucca Plus

he Lucca Plus is a pure 99.9999999% oxygen free copper solid core conductors AC cable featuring the Gold Note proprietary design geometry using sealed Elastollan® air tube filled with mineral oil working as dielectric and enabling strong dampening effect.

The Lucca Plus features custom made gold plated plugs.
369 000 Ft
Typology: AC power chord cable
Construction: solid core Gold Note separate insulated geometry
Conductors: pure copper Gold Note conductors 3x18AWG each
Insulation: Elastollan® pipe, separate conductors wet in mineral oil
Capacitance: 30pF/mt
Inductance: 0.8μH
Resistance: 0.0001ohm
Shield: double 18AWG twisted copper solid core conductors

SHUCO/USA: gold plated
IEC: gold plated

Flexibility: medium
Admitted bending: medium
Cable diameter: 12mm

Color: black/grey/green Stripes