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Isol-8 SubStation HC

Isol-8 SubStation HC
  • Isol-8 SubStation HC
  • Isol-8 SubStation HC
  • Isol-8 SubStation HC
1 050 000 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 31 500 Ft

The SubStation LC, HC and Axis build on the substantial achievements of the Substation Vogue and Qube with a new semi modular format and DC blocking as standard. Standing alone or in combination for even greater performance; they form a flexible, effective solution to satisfy the most demanding audiophile.

Each unit provides a different function, so you can upgrade your power supply as your system evolves without costly trade-ins or compromising performance.

They all share the same outstanding UK made build quality with a five year guarantee. PTFE insulated silver plated wiring, premium quality components and connectors are standard. All versions have DC blocking, a custom earth line choke to suppress noise on the safety earth, and surge and spike protection for peace of mind. The substantial all alloy, non magnetic, half width case allows two units to be placed side by side on a standard equipment shelf.

The SubStation HC (High current) complements the LC, providing 16 Amps continuously across its two outlets for high peak current loads such as amplification. A high capacity DC blocking Axis circuit is complemented by a massively constructed Transmodal filter. Using proprietary custom wound components, kilos of OFC copper foil and premium capacitors to keep series resistance low, the SubStation HC effortlessly tackles the very thorny problem of effectively cleaning a high current power supply without compromising dynamic performance.
  • Number of available outlets: 2
    Type of outlets available: 13A UK, Schuko, 15A US
    Power Input: Neutrik 20A powerCON (cable not supplied)
    Dimensions: W: 232mm H: 135mm D: 420mm (excluding connectors)
    Construction: Aluminium chassis with Silver finish
    Aluminium alloy panels (Black optional).
    Mains Voltage: 230VAC version for 220-240VAC
    117VAC version for 100-127VAC
    Maximum continuous Current: 16Amps RMS
    Protection: Rear panel circuit breaker