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Supra DAC Audio

Supra DAC Audio
  • Supra DAC Audio
2 500 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 75 Ft

Digital/Analogue Interconnect

Application examples: Analogue interconnect with RCA or XLR plugs. Available in both Ice Blue and Anthracite Grey.

A ’fast’ interconnect of extremely low capacitance. In accordance with our design concepts, the inductance is to be low for a loudspaker cable whereas for an interconnect the capacitance is to be low. SUPRA DAC is insulated with PE foam skin which exhibits only 45 pF/m. It is screened with our very efficient and strong semi-conductive nylon ribbon.

The very high frequency properties of Supra DAC are outstandingly good, owing to its high velocity factor. The velocity factor of Supra DAC is as high as 78% of the speed of light, owing to the low dielectricity of the gas blown foam skin insulation. With PTFE/Teflon it would have been only 71%.

  • Mechanical data

    Number of leads, totally (specified) 3 (+, - and drain) pieces
    Lead area 0.54 mm2
    Number of strands per lead 19 pieces
    Strand dimension Ø 0.19 mm
    Lead material Oxygen-free 5N Copper
    Di-electric (insulation) PE foam with encapsulated air
    Shield Semiconductive Carbon Nylon
    Jacket Age and heat resistant PVC
    Outer dimension Ø 6.1 mm
    Weight 43 g/m
    Length per bobbin 50 m

    Electrical properties

    Resistance - Ω / km
    Capacitance 45 pF / m
    Characteristic impedance 110 Ω
    Velocity factor 0.78 x C (speed of light)