Supra Displayport DP-DP Male

Supra Displayport DP-DP Male
21 000 Ft

High Speed Supra DisplayPort cable

A very anticipated Supra cable is now launched. The DisplayPort is an interface for computer graphics which now reaches also projectors and begin to include TV sets. Our Supra proprietary 24K goldplated connectors are robust and incorporates a locking mechanism. And, off course, our highly appreciated and proven Supra HD5/slim cable provides for lightning-fast, well shielded and accurate signal transmissions allowing any graphics to perform at its best.

All features of the DisplayPort interface is incorporated in our new cable and we are proud to now being able to supply photographers, film makers, 3D artists, drawing engineers, computer gamers, etc, a cable that will not slow down or blurr video or pictures.

High resolution picture

We often meet scepticism when we talk about HDMI cables. ”Does it really matter?” ”I mean, it’s only a data stream? Yes, it is a stream of digital bits. Yes, it does matter. Unfortunately there is an intermediate state before the signal is so corrupt it cannot be read and blanks out/freezes. Many claim that if the screen shows, the signal is good enough. There is, however, circuitry in the receiver which tries to repair broken data stream by buffering and error correction, but this is based on best possible estimates. You might experience sync problems (delays, freezing video moments), distorted colorations, insufficient blackness, noise and other unexplainable artefacts during which the hardware is working overtime trying to repair the fragile bitstream. Do your precious hardware the best possible favour you can by connecting it using Supra digital video, audio, computer and graphic cables and both you and your equipment will be able to fully enjoy/display the show. We let e.g. an american independent accredited HDMI test-center validate that our claim of excellence are true.


Mechanical Specifications

Standard: DisplayPort
Connection configuration: Single-Link
Signal direction: Bi-directional
Applications e.g.: Computer graphics, monitors, projectors and TV sets
Maximum resolution and refresh rates:
1-4M: 2560x1440@165Hz or 3840x2160@60Hz
5M: 2560x1440@85Hz or 3840x2160@24/30Hz
Lead area: 5 x TMDS 0.128 / 26 mm2 / AWG
Lead material: Solid strand 5N oxygen-free copper
Di-electric (insulation): Low density, air-injected PE foam for minimal capacitance
Inner shield / coverage: Aluminized PET foil / 100 %
Communication leads: 5 x 0.081 / 28 mm2 / AWG
Di-electric (communication leads): PE
Outer shield / coverage: Aluminized PET foil and 5N OFC braid / 100 %
Jacket: Heat and age resistant PVC
Flame retardancy: No, see FRHF Version
Outer dimension: 7 mm
Packaging/bobbin: 500 meter

Electrical performance - Supra HD5/S

Resistance: Rev. Ohm / km
Capacitance: Rev. pF / m
Characteristic impedance: 100 Ohm
Velocity factor: 0.8 x C (speed of light)

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