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Xavian Calliope

Xavian Calliope
  • Xavian Calliope
  • Xavian Calliope
  • Xavian Calliope
3 575 000 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 107 250 Ft

pár Kosárba Kosárba

Classic beauty was, is and will be forever

Calliope was one of the nine mythological Greek muses, the one with the beautiful voice.
She was also the mother of the most known musician of the antique world: Orfeo.

Project Calliope had lasted a year and a half: we started right after the production of Orfeo started.
Calliope’s mission is to play music in the best possible way in its compact floorstanding size.

Calliope opens new horizons in listening of music in home high-end audio, using a combination of the best available materials with the highest technological solutions.
A true value lasting in time.

  • Bass Driver: 175 mm AudioBarletta – special impregnated paper membrane, die cast basket, extreme magnetic “motor”, extreme excursion, extreme frequency response, 50 mm voice coil
    Mid Bass Driver: 175 mm AudioBarletta – light and stiff impregnated paper membrane, die cast basket, extreme magnetic neodymium “motor”, extremely width frequency response, polymeric integrated phase plug, extremely high sensitivity, copper clad flat aluminium wire
    High Frequency Driver: AudioBarletta – 29 mm voice coil with copper clad flat aluminium wire, impregnated soft dome, thick copper ring in “motor”, extreme ceramic magnet, labyrinth inside chamber, front die cast chassis with controlled dispersion
    System: Three-ways damped bass-reflex, with 2 rear passive membranes, “Fase Zero” concept, Mundorf components: very low tolerance inductors and army-grade resistors and oil capacitors
    Corpus: Hand-made selected Italian 23 mm massive walnut or maple with walnut inserts (

    marina finish), composite bitumen for inner damping, two rear 210 mm passive membranes
    Frequency Response: (-3dB on reference axis): 33 – 30000 Hz
    Connection: 2 pair of gold-plated Xavian binding posts: bi-wiring, bi-amping
    Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
    Crossover Frequencies: 350 – 3500 Hz
    Sensitivity (2,83V/1m): 90 dB
    Recommended Power Amplifier: 50 – 400 W
    Dimensions (H X W X D): 1050 x 236 x 282 mm
    Net Weight (1 Piece): 49 kg