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Xavian Delizia C
Xavian Delizia C
139 900 Ft

Xavian Delizia C

Slim on-wall speaker coming from the Delizia model.
Perfect choice when you cannot use classically shaped speakers.
Thanks to its ideal size you may install it in both vertical or horizontal position.
When horizontally installed, you get a nice and elegant centre speaker for home cinemas.
When vertically mounted, you get slim on-wall front channels.
The offered finishes are so large to allow you to let them match all of your design needs.
139 900 Ft
Mid-bass frequency unit 2 x 132 mm exclusive custom made Xavian, impregnated paper membrane, 40 mm aluminium voice coil on kapton former, non resonant twin-wave rubber surround, die-cast basket
High frequency unit 26 mm exclusive custom made Xavian, impregnated fabric soft dome, working chamber under the membrane, magnetic structure with high power handling
System type 2-ways damped bass-reflex, aluminium bass-reflex ports
Cabinet hand-made, panels of 16 mm thickness, magnetically suspended front grills, real wood veneers
Frequency response (-3 dB on reference axis): 50 - 20000 Hz
Connection 1 pair of gold plated binding posts
Nominal impedance 4 ohms
Crossover frequency 3000 Hz
Sensitivity (2,83V/1m) 87 dB
Recommended power amplification 30 - 150 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) 900 x 160 x 100 mm