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R 11

A dream of building a speaker from which to measure all other speakers is finally realised.
Ole Klifoth and his team have long desired reference speakers for their development studios, from which all other speakers could be measured for their sound quality. With cost being no object, the only limits were that of the imagination and pure physics. And true to the Audiovector design philosophy, even these in-house speakers should never compromise in terms of aesthetics.
A New Standard
Many, many years after this dream was first mooted, the R11s were born. There have simply never been speakers like them. Nothing is compromised; everything is designed to produce the ultimate listening experience.
Since installing them in Audiovector's Copenhagen-based listening room, every new consumer speaker developed has benefitted incalculably from both the engineering process and by being able, for the first time, to compare sound from speakers of this quality.
While it was never intended for the R11s to be produced for the consumer market, it nevertheless seemed absurd that a company which strives to give the ultimate listening experience to its customers would not share this milestone in speaker evolution.
The R11s can now be built to order, with bespoke finishing options, to those who wish for the very best you can get.
Built Upon a Foundation of Experience
In essence, the R11 Arreté are the pinnacle of 30 years’ research, engineering and most of all, listening experience. Nothing is spared in either technology or finishing, from titanium to aircraft-grade aluminium.
Bipolar radiation characteristics achieve a wholly superior relationship between the sound and the room. The eight ultra-linear subwoofer drivers, stunningly arranged at the rear, gives the sound an effortless weight, while never compromising on appearance. The teardrop shape is the core principle of the design, allowing the non-parallel lines to eliminate all internal resonance, and reduces the need for excessive damping.
We know how good it sounds. Now it is for you and industry experts to enjoy for yourselves!