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R 6

The SR6 Avantgarde Arreté is Audiovector's most dynamic, revealing, natural sounding production model musical performer to date. But as is the way with all Audiovector models; there is also a 'Signature' and 'Avantgarde' model beneath the top-of-the-range performer, which each offer stellar performance and the ability to upgrade to the Avantgarde Arreté specification at a later date. With technology more sophisticated than any other speaker in its class, the SR6 Avantgarde Arreté is a superb choice for complicated classical music, for opera, jazz, or indeed any type of music, be it acoustic or electronic. Curved Shape: The SR6 owes its distinctive curved shape to the work of designers Lars Mathiesen and Ole Klifoth. The non-parallel structure efficiently reduces colouration and resonance, forming a perfect platform for the 5 hi-tech drivers used within the current top model. Crossovers: A major development in the SR and Si-series is found in its cross-over technology. The latest development of these have been inspired by Audiovector's work with the R11 Arreté. In most high-end speakers, passive crossover components are designed to minimise the loss in signal path, and Audiovector’s crossovers have for years been some of the best performing in the industry. By using only a single component in series with the specially designed drivers, Audiovector have managed to cut down crossover losses to an absolute minimum, and still achieve perfect frequency transfer. This ultra simple approach – compared with the multiple-component crossover variations of other speakers – is one of the landmark advances achieved when developing earlier top-end speakers. The crossovers currently used are therefore advances on Audiovector's own models; which were already class leaders before this latest release. Obsessive trials, testing and listening finally rewarded them with the new Dynamic Feed Forward (DFF) technology, which results in a 55 % reduction in loss of the already unbeatable (now discontinued) Mi3 series. Incorporating DFF, NCS cryogenic treatment on top models and asymmetrical cabling on all models means the new Si and SR-series have the most sophisticated crossover technology on the planet. Future Proofing & Waste Reducing: Most speakers become obsolete as technology improves, leaving those who wish for the best possible sound to regularly buy a completely new system. Not so with Audiovector. Their unique IUC concept means that individual components can be upgraded whenever you like. In this way, your Audiovector speakers can remain state-of-the-art for decades. This concept, together with the use of materials designed to last a lifetime of listening helps to limit the environmental impact of speaker production. Built in obsolescence and second-rate materials mean constantly having to dump and replace speakers every few years, wasting resources, time, and money. We don’t know how long your Audiovector speakers last, but we still hear from many proud customers who are still enjoy listening to the first systems they built more than thirty years ago.